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Fabro-Tech is our new denim design software that adds the material a very natural fabric spectrum with its different kinds of unique effects such as thin slub effects and ring effects . This new technology gives denim producers having the chance to create and customize their own fabric look on denim and adds more qualified and more valuable character to the material.


Fabro-Tech designing software virtually effects the denim as if its getting processed in weaving loom. By this way, denim material gains a very rich, natural fabric image with the harmonious slub and ring effects applied.

For creating amazingly natural effects on denim, the designers can use ready made effects and templates that have already been added to the programme, and also can use their own pre-prepeared designs. But most importantly they can also create thousands of different kinds of natural fabric effects freely on denim surface with this new tool and they don’t have to stick to same designs all the time. This means Fabro-Tech doesn’t have any limits. Comparing to other similar softwares in the market, VAV Technology presents an infinite creativity with this new software.

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Fabro-Tech boosts your creativity. Besides all the amazing effect choices that VAV Technology prepeared, you can also add different background designs to these effects with our special ‘’Texture Tool’’. If you are curious about the product’s final look, you can preview your design by locating it on the screen first and have a glimpse of how it looks.

The effects created by Fabro-Tech are amazing, very original and assorted. The slub and ring effects constituted in different designs enriches the image of the denim material and will enhance the quality of the fabric. With all the designs and effects obtained by the software, the designers will get inspired more and more each time!


How It Works

Go to the new effects page by choosing ‘’New Project’’ section. You can choose a ready made template as well as you can work on a previously designed effect on your computer as well.
By the help of Yarn Tools, you can reach to different effect displays.
With the various specifications in yarn tools, you can do many different operations on effect lines such as:

  • increasing the number

  • shortening or extending

  • increasing or decreasing the transitivity

  • increasing the density etc.

Let’s Watch Video!

Check out how Fabro-Tech Software creates fabulous effects on denim texture.

You can watch other videos Click Here

Choose a plan for Fabro-tech

For the world’s best slub and ring effects software, all you have to do is choose one of the purchase plans .


  • Free
  • $100/mo
  • 15 Days Free
  • 1 User


33% Off
33% Off
  • $750
  • $1500
  • 1 Year
  • 1 User


50% Off
50% Off
  • $1500
  • $3600
  • 1 Year
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